CURC Pub Crawl (revived): Tuesday 17 Oct on West Anglia Main Line

Dear all,

After receiving dozens of interests and some useful advice (especially Bex and Luke), I am glad to announce we’re reviving the CURC Pub Crawl. This has been a CURC tradition since (based on the discussed history I am aware of) at least 1960s, when the Russians were still trying to bomb us (wait…), rail projects and lines were undergoing massively cuts (wait… again), and a pint costs around a shilling (sod)… People talk about 1960s vintage, but we, like all railways, shall trap in it (just kidding).

Since we are a railway club, it is obviously childish to stick to pubs within walking distance. Getting tipsy on a train would be much more fun! This time we will explore the kindness of people and beautyness of scenery in Herts and Essex, by travelling on the West Anglia Main Line.

To join this extraordinary experience, please make sure you find yourself at the Old Ticket Office pub at Cambridge station around 6 pm on Tuesday 17 October. We will take the 1820 train (direction to Liverpool Street), and return to Cambridge station shall no later than 0009.

We are ambitiously planning to visit the following stations (up to BIS) that have a pub within 15-minutes walk (ranked by distance from Cambridge):
Shelford (1/3 mile, close 2200)
Whittlesford Parkway (next to station, close 2200)
Great Chesterford (1/2 mile, close 2200)
Audley End (1/2 mile, close 2300)
Newport (1/2 mile, close 2300)
Stansted Mountfitchet (4 pubs!? next to station, close 2300)
Bishops Stortford (next to station, close 0000 – not sure if this is last order)
Timetable also available on

Ticketing: £9.3 for super off-peak day return to BIS (with rail card), and breaking the journey (with the same ticket) at all stations. Break journey should be allowed on both outward and return journeys – there are no barriers at most stations anyway – please correcte me if anyone aware of any change to rules.

All paid members and non-members are welcome! Please don’t hesitate to contact me, or use the ‘soc-curc’ mailing list, where more discussions will happen.

Hope to see you all on Tuesday!

Best wishes,

Mr T.Y. ‘Schoen’ Cho  MEng MA
Vice President