Visit to Three Bridges ROC and Depot

Govia Thameslink has kindly provided us with a chance to visit the Three Bridges Regional Operating Centre and Train Care Facility. The visit will be on Tuesday 14th January 2020 at 11 a.m. at Three Bridges ROC, Crawley, West Sussex RH10 1HW. For those leaving from Cambridge, there is a 08:54 direct Thameslink service to Three Bridges with the scheduled arrival time of 10:49 and we’ll be meeting on the platform or on the train.

Further detail on this visit will be announced to those signed up on the due course.

Network Rail’s National Operating Strategy plans for the closure of hundreds of signal boxes, control centres and electrical control rooms, with all their functions moving to just twelve Regional Operating Centres around the country including the Three Bridges ROC. It now controls the operation of Thameslink, and due to bring more of the railway under its control in the coming years.

Three Bridges depot is one of the newest and largest train maintenance facilities in the UK, which is 1.4 miles long, and has stabling capacity for 172 carriages. It’s home to the new Siemens Class 700 fleet, maintained by Siemens and operated by GTR.

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Please do sign up and fill the appropriate section in the form asap if you would like to join the visit. Places are limited and they do run out quickly. Details about the visit will be emailed in due course after signing up.

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