Constitution Amendments for 2019 AGM

The following constitutional amendments will be proposed at the AGM on 14 June 2019:
1. Role of Senior Treasurer

– Replace the existing clause 6.1 with the following:
The Senior Treasurer shall be a member of the Regent House, or other person approved by the Junior Proctor. The Senior Treasurer is elected by the committee when necessary, subject to the approval of a General Meeting. The Senior Treasurer shall not be liable for any financial debt or other obligation of the Society unless he or she has personally authorised such a debt in writing.
– Delete the words “or as Senior Treasurer” from clause 12.5.

2. Disciplinary procedure

– Delete existing clause 3.7 and renumber subsequent clauses as necessary.
– Add new clause 13.7:
The Club’s only disciplinary sanctions are to expel or to suspend a member whose actions are felt to be such as to bring the Club into disrepute, or to adversely affect the smooth running of the Club in a major way. Such expulsion or suspension can only be effected by a majority vote of all Committee members, excluding the Senior Treasurer. 
In the event of an expulsion, the expelled member is required to return all equipment, documents and finances belonging to the Club within 7 days. The expelled member will not be entitled to any full or partial refund of subscriptions. If the expelled or suspended member wishes to appeal the decision, that appeal should be made to the Senior Treasurer, who will consider all the facts, and whose decision will be final. An appeal as to the process of exclusion, but not a further investigation into the facts, may be lodged with the Junior Proctor.

3. Dissolution

– Add new section 16, and renumber subsequent sections as necessary.

16. Dissolution

1. The Club may be dissolved at a General Meeting provided that at least twenty-one days written notice of the intention to dissolve the Club has been given to the members. At least two thirds of those present and voting at the General Meeting must vote in favour of the motion for Dissolution for it to be effective.

2. In the event of the dissolution of the Club, its monies and other assets shall be distributed as follows:
– first, all outstanding liabilities shall be paid;
– second, assets amounting to any sum received from the University shall be transferred to another registered University Society, or to the Societies’ Syndicate;
– third, any item of Club property declared as inalienable shall be transferred to a museum or other organisation with similar aims. This transfer shall be specified in the motion for dissolution.
– fourth, any remaining assets shall be transferred to the Societies Syndicate, another registered University Society, or another society with related aims. This transfer shall be specified in motion for 

4. Quorum

– In clause 14.5, replace “75%” with “50%”.

5. Co-opted members

– In clause 3.3, delete the phrase “provided that at no time the number of co-opted members exceeds two”.